Node Foundation Board Nomination

My name is Wyatt Preul, and I'd like to represent all individual members as part of the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors.

As a representative I will do my part to make sure that individual members are represented well. As an active maintainer of many Node.js modules that large numbers in the community use, as well as someone who enjoys contributing to Node.js core itself, I feel like I am well positioned to hear and voice the opinions of the community. Even more, I am an active Node.js conference participant, both in attendance and speaking. To quantify this, I have attended a Node.js related conference every month for the past five months.

I am also not new to Node.js or the community. I have been an active participant for several years, both in the role of a developer and community lead. I ran our local Kansas City meetup for a while before passing on the torch.

Other than my direct engagement with the Node.js community, I also enjoyed getting to interact with many current board members as a representative on the node advisory board.

On top of these experiences, my day job is at nearForm where I work on open source Node.js projects, like Seneca. Previously, I worked at Walmart where I helped develop hapi and broaden the Node.js adoption in the enterprise.

Thank you for your consideration.